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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Trip To Ohio, Lake Eerie, Still in AWE!

Several weeks ago, a close friend from Georgia, asked me to travel with her to visit former neighbors that had moved back to their home state of Ohio. We left on October 11th and returned October 15th. It was a wonderful, beautiful trip...this is from someone that's never been any farther north than the Lexington, KY Horse Park!! The friends live in Pierpont, Ohio, so we drove about 11 hours up, but decided to route our trip home through W. VA, and that day, we were on the road about 15 1/2 hours. It seemed that every few miles, there was a detour or road construction, but we arrived back safe and sound and ready for an early bed time! While in Pierpont, we attended a covered bridge festival (17 covered bridges in the county), tried several restaurants (all great food) shopped at the Amish market, (found more treasures than we could haul home) and visited Lake Eerie, along with several art galleries along the lake shore and couple in one of the quaint little townships near the lake. We also were able to see several light houses along the way! Each stop was fun, interesting and different, but Lake Eerie was the most enjoyable for me. Being from LA (lower Alabama), and having lived in the south all my life, I'm use to lakes where you can see the other side...not this time! It was amazing to see something that resembled the Gulf of Mexico, but without the stickiness of salt air! It was beautiful, to say the least! We also walked the beach and looked for "lake glass". Apparently, that's the thing to do as you walk the beach and we found that lots of folks make gorgeous jewelry, wind chimes...with these naturally sanded glass pieces. I didn't find any, but did pick up a few small, very smooth stones that I'm thinking of painting on. I'm back here at AWESOME ASS ACRES now, so there'll be more painting going on. I've listed several pendants, a metal porcelain bowl, with a moma and baby raccoon, plus a fun mailbox reindeer this week on Ebay. There's more to come, I'm sure!!

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