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Monday, January 25, 2010

THANKS for the memories!

When you're 53 years old and you've owned, ridden or shown horses since the age of 7, it's a fair statement to say that horses have been a very BIG part of your life!  My love started with Trigger (of Roy Rogers fame) and has been just as strong throughout the years as when I'd watch him on our black and white console TV.  In fact, my most prized possession (in the house), is a Breyers rearing Palomino that my mom bought for me while visiting the Roy Rogers Museum in California.  She was staying with her sister's family, helping with a new baby...while there, she visited the museum and was delighted when the King of Cowboys, himself walked in.  As she was checking out with my Breyers, they started a conversation and he autographed my horse..."To Sharon, best of luck, Roy Rogers".  No money could buy it.  Then, of course, my first REAL horse was actually a pony.  "Stormy" was a Welsh mare and had been outgrown by neighbors kids, so she came to live with us at the age of 8.  She passed quietly at the age of 28, in the same pasture that she and I would ride through at breakneck speed.  Nothing like a 10 year old sneaking out in the middle of the night and riding for a couple of hours in the moonlight.  The love I felt for her was deep and lasts to this day.  The days spent with horses are my best in my memory.  There's something about a horse, that accentuates every emotion and every thought.  Brushing, feeding, combing, talking to, smelling of, laughing with, dreaming on, pretending with, crying imagination, my compassion, my love for others, my determination, my integrity, my temperament, my perspective on life, all of these, in whatever measure, I think, was made more abundant through my interaction with these wonderful animals.  I want to thank each one of them for their contribution to my life...Stormy (Welsh), Tammy, Owassa (Qtr. horse mare and filly), Melody (Tennessee Walker I showed 6 years), Ranger, Angel, Roan (Walking horses), Poor Boy (timed-event, owned him 22 years), Freckles (Leopard Appaloosa, dam to Solomon), Dolly, Minnie (Haflingers) and of course, my sweet mules...Solomon, Maude and ChaCha.  My time here would have been so empty without these lifelong friends...they'll have my love and appreciation always!

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