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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Well, my sweet friend Elaine, (from Georgia) came for a visit this week. She brought me a beautiful peahen, named Tenille...(no pics, yet)!! She's now part of a trio...Captain,(formerly known as Big Bird) Tenille & Clarice! They act as if they've known each other all their life!! Both hens are laying, so maybe there'll be some babies at some point. Elaine, Bonnie (best friend since high school) and I made a trip to Michael's and found some great craft supplies on sale...brushes, wooden boxes...It's always a treat to hang out with crafting buddies!! Elaine's always said that she never knows what's going to happen when she's with me,...well...yesterday morning, our youngest son, Jordan, brought in a week old fawn (mom had been hit by a car)! We started him on lamb replacement formula, (he caught on to bottle feeding right away) and kept him until today. We contacted a re-hab facility in Knoxville and delivered him safe and sound!! I'm sooo proud that my boys are tender hearted when it comes to animals...although, you never know what they might bring home! We've bottle fed and raised baby 'possums, raccoons, rabbits, birds, and the usual kittens and puppies, now, we can add a deer to the list!
Our garden's really goin' to town!! The corn's tasselin' and we're already having fried squash on a regular basis! My lilies out front are beautiful this year! When we lived in Georgia, I had some gorgeous double day lilies...finally found some here...they are in full bloom now!

Of course, our meals lately, have included the "recommended" three "messes" of poke salad (or salit, according to my sweet mother-in-law) this know it "clarifies the blood" according to the "ol' folks"!! I know it sure was good, with some streak o'lean, corn bread, Vadalia onion and sweet tea!! We always have an abundance of the plants growing on our fence rows.
I've got to mention our flock of guineas and their latest farm patrol efforts...this morning, as I was feeding the baby deer his 6AM feeding, our guineas were making a constant racket out next to the barn. I put my boots on, walked down to the fence row and there in the tall grass was the biggest logger head snapping turtle I'd ever had the pleasure of meeting!! He looked like he would've barely fit in a bushel basket! After fussing for over 20 minutes, the guineas walked away as I walked up. I guess it was, "OK, we've alerted you, now you do what you want with the big guy!" I let him go about his merry way...I think he was headed to the creek! Hope all's well with everyone! Be sure to come back by AWESOME ASS ACRES and set a spell!!

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