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Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Well, another fun time in Columbia, TN has come and gone...already looking forward to 2010! The week was filled with riding, laughing, visiting with old friends, making new ones, sittin' round the fire, tellin' tales, listening to others tell tales, more riding, seeing some BEAUTIFUL ears, hearing non-stop braying and oh yeah, a tornado evacuation! We wagon rode 28 miles from Etheridge to Columbia on Monday...the day was gorgeous, about 70* and sunny! We pulled into the park about 4:30, set up camp, and started the week there. Things were very uneventful until Thursday...a tornado touched down in Mt. Pleasant, about 8 miles away and the officials decided to evacuate the park and have us "visit" in the hallway of a nearby high school. That lasted 2 hours, with flooding, hail, wind outside, but no touch down that we know of. Several large campers that were parked in a low area of the park were sitting in water up to their windows...we felt bad for those folks, but no injury to anyone. We rolled back into AWESOME ASS ACRES this past Sunday evening, glad to be home, but already planning next year's trip! I've posted several is of the back of our trailer, we're always surprised at the folks that want to take a picture of it!! The next is a pair of grey mules that were in a "one line, voice command" was AMAZING to watch these draft mules respond to a slight built, older man as he held a LOOSE line and softly told them how to navigate an obstacle course, dragging a log behind, to boot! They also stood UNTIED, throughout the class waiting for their turn! The next one is "Shorty"...of course, I'm referring to the mule...the mountain man in front, is my husband, Larry!! Shorty is the tallest known mule in the world...he's out of a Percheron mare, 8 years old and measures 19.2". I wish Larry had gotten closer to his shoulder, but Shorty was a little antsy and didn't want to stand still. The last picture is of some miniature mules that are soooo cute...I'm afraid that I'm going to have to add a couple of those to the farm sometime in the future!!
I'm back to painting now...will be adding some more things to Ebay this week!!
Take care and let me hear from you!!

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