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Monday, February 2, 2009

Snowin' in East Tennessee!

Guinea hen and keets, on a photo album
Blossom thinking that roof's sloped just right for skiing!

View of our side pasture,from my studio window

Well, we woke up to the weather man saying "snow flurries possible" today and then we ended up with about 2 inches! The pictures posted show it after it's melted some, but it sure covered everything for a little while! It's suppose to go down into the 20's tonight, so it may get a little trying on the roads here in the mountains. Of course, we've made a mad dash to the store for milk and bread! I can't ever remember the day that we ate just milk and bread during bad weather, but we're ready if it comes to that!!

I can't believe it's already Groundhog Day...being from the south, of course, I'm putting my faith in General Beauregard Lee. He resides at the Yellow River Game Ranch, in Lilburn, GA and he says spring is JUST AROUND THE CORNER!! Punxsutawney Phil predicts 6 more weeks of the cold stuff...more milk and bread, of course!

The pictures I've taken is one of our side pasture and one of Blossom, our pygmy nanny goat. I was going to get one of our Boxers, but they were burrowed up in their dog house...snug as 3 bugs! Our last puppy left on Friday, headed to her new forever home in Dublin, Ga. A great family drove 6 hours up to get her and they immediately seemed to bond. It's great to see my pups go to such excellent homes! I'm also posting my latest guinea item...a small photo album that shows a hen and her babies. Folks are really fond of my guinea pieces and I'm very pleased to offer things with this farm animal, whose qualities are sometimes overlooked. I love painting different animals...if anyone has suggestions, let me know! Everyone take care, stock up on you-know-what, and thanks for stopping by AWESOME ASS ACRES, to visit a spell!!

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