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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Today was absolutely beautiful here at AWESOME ASS ACRES!! Our bedroom faces east and the sunshine was a welcomed sight as we got stirring this morning! I've posted about our menagerie of animals here...well, some of them work for their "room & board"! We have several Golden Comet chickens and when the winter sets in, their egg laying slacks off. Well, they've left the picket line and started laying again---YEAAA!! Nothing like fresh eggs right from the source to make breakfast the best it can get...just not the same from the store!! We also sell a dozen here and there and we've started getting calls from our regular customers about the laying update! It's also the time of year for worming, shots and the usual maintenance routines for everyone in the barnyard, so Blossom, the mules, horses, chickens, peacocks, guineas, the dogs and cats were "in line" for appropriate doses of various concoctions.
I'm excited about spring's my favorite time of the year and sometimes I get ahead of myself, with anticipation. Columbia Mule Day is April 2-5, and we have to start getting ready for that, shortly after New Year. After worming and shots, Solomon will be my priority next month. He'll be groomed daily, mane trimmed, new "shoes" after being barefoot all winter, coggins blood work done, and ready for showing in April! With his color, there's always classes to be entered (and won, of course), so we pamper him, somewhat!
I've been painting several things in the last week...pendants, boxes, bowls...most have been listed and sold on Ebay. No words can express my appreciation for the folks that watch and collect my work. I'm humbled by your words of praise and your commitment to my art. Very sincerely, I say thank you!
Along with my painted pieces, I list items that I find at various sales in the area. This week, I found a beautiful, hand embroidered piece that features small birds in a tree. The fabric has been mounted to a thin piece of wood and is in excellent condition. Thousands of stitches and many hours, make up this excellent example of artistry. The colors are bright and the work is unbelievable. I love this type of hand reminds me of the doilies, table scarves, table cloths, pillowcases...that my grandmother use to create. Check it out if you'd like, it's listed now.
I'd also like to thank EVERYONE that has posted to enter my giveaway drawing on February 12th. I've had so much fun with this and have met soooo many wonderful folks! I will be drawing the lucky winner, Thursday morning at 8:00AM and will contact the winner that afternoon. Be sure to check your find out if you won!

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