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Sunday, March 21, 2010


Ahhhh....yesterday was the first day of spring and it's none to soon for me!!  For weeks, we've been sorting through the attic, closets, barn, kitchen cabinets...and then, yesterday,  "BIG YARD SALE-- ALL MUST GO!!".  That was how the signs read, but of course, there were still some things left to box up for another day.  Yard sales are soooo much more work than some would imagine and after several weekends of moving sales during our re-locating from GA to TN, I don't relish the idea of preparing for one!  Anyhow, we made through the weekend,  and I'm rid of most of it, so I'm tickled! 

I've been painting several things, trying to get ahead a little before we leave for Mule Day.  Things have slowed since Christmas, but orders are still coming in, so I'm staying busy!  The picture is of one of my photo albums that I've just finished...very pleased with it.  It's listed on Ebay now!

I mentioned Mule Day...for those interested, it's in Columbia, TN --- April 8-11.  Anyone that loves long ears or work animals, be sure to check it out.  We've been going 15 years and plan to attend 'till we can't go anymore!  We camp inside the park and it's UNBELIEVABLE FUN!!  We're heading over on Sunday, April 4th, to ride in the wagon train.  We travel 15-20 miles a day on back roads, camping out at farms along the way at night, then pulling into the park on Thursday for the kick off of the pulling, driving, western, jumping and yes, even gaited classes!!  The crowds number 250,000 and you'll see mules out of every known breed of horse...Quarter, Walking, Paso Fino, Appaloosa, Paint, Belgian, Percheron...the list is endless.  Every color, every size -- it's truly a AWESOME ASS event, where every bray brings a smile!!  Contact me if you have any questions and I'll gladly help you out!!

I plan to re-vamp my blog page within the next few days.  I need to update "favorites" and some other for NEW things soon.  I also plan to post links to some really great sites for horse folks, artists, farmers, gardeners, wildlife enthusiasts, pet/livestock owners, so check back with me often!!  I plan to "network" more with links to Facebook, and other friendship sites.  I'd love to connect with as many folks with my same interests as possible!!  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blogs...I know how busy we all are and I appreciate each visit!

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